SERVICES (cont.)

PAMI has provided a large range of services in additive manufacturing and related areas, involving partnerships between academia, industry and other entities. You can apply here for new services. (link para formulário. FORMULARIO #4)

The most relevant services are listed below. 

Development and implementation of novel AM-related facilities. Three main novel PAMI laboratories were successfully implemented. They are open to the academy, industry and society:

–   PRINTBIG LABORATORY. This new lab was implemented to allow the 3DP/4DP of large products of metals, polymers, concrete and composites.   This is a state-of-the-art lab, being a key advancement in the PAMI research facilities.

–   TRAINING FACTORY. The implementation of the training factory has allowed the stimulation and valorisation of scientific results, towards the   creation of new start-ups. It provides a suitable environment, linking high qualified young people, entrepreneurs, technicians, allowing to share   efficient vocabulary on knowledge valorisation, good practices, and business opportunities.

–   MECH LABORATORY. The advanced mechatronics laboratory is a suitable research environment to perform research on MEMS, Wearable   Devices; and Biomedical Prostheses.