PAMI has provided a large range of services in additive manufacturing and related areas, involving partnerships between academia, industry and other entities. You can apply here for new services. (link para formulário. FORMULARIO #4)

The most relevant services are listed below. 

Strengthening human resources skills in AM and related areas. PAMI is well aligned to the needs of preparing and skilling a new generation of human resources who can take up the emerging challenges in industry 4.0. PAMI is the unique RI in AM/3DP, tackling challenges through S&T, and offering a stimulating environment for pursuing studies, impactful research, and inspiring future leading scientists/inventors/entrepreneurs. Within this context, PAMI has provided educational services and has prepared a new generation of human resources (HR) through the establishment of the new advanced and technical training programmes:

a)Advanced training

a1) PhD programme in Direct Digital Manufacturing for the Polymer and Mould Industries (1st edition 2021). The PhD programme involves the University of Minho and the Polytechnic of Leiria, and it is also supported by 13 companies and 8 non-business institutions. The PhD programme is focused on the progressive digitalisation of the industry (I.4.0)

a2) Master Engineering programme in Direct Digital Manufacturing (1st edition 2019). This International Master was designed to respond to the challenges of I.4.0 using DDM-related knowledge and capabilities

b) Technical training

b1) Technical programme in Direct Digital Manufacturing (1st edition 2019). This technical programme was created by PAMI and IEFP Institute, aiming to prepare and skill a new generation of HR from technical/societal perspectives

b2) DDM technical programmes integrated into “Nucleos de IDT” for technicians/engineers from several companies (2019, 2020): ATT company; DT2 company; Plastimago company; Placido Roque company; ADIRA company; technical training programme on AM technologies provided to graduate students under ADDISPACE EU project.